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This month we are inspired by these such things, along with the arrival of spring. Now is the time we are start fresh with the new spirit and new style to wear.

Scroll down more for some serious style addendum for this spring and stay tune with us next time to see what we are fancy for.


Hat as the important thing for a must have item this season. One of the first pictorial depictions of a hat appears in a Thebes tomb painting which shows a man wearing a conical straw hat. Other early hats were the Pileus, a simple skull cap; the Phrygian cap, worn by freed slaves in Greece and Rome; and the Greek petasos, the first known hat with a brim.St. Clement, the patron saint of felt hatmakers, is said to have discovered wool felt when he filled his sandals with flax fibers to protect his feet. In the Middle Ages, hats were a marker of social status and used to single out certain groups. The 1215 Fourth Council of the Lateran required that all Jews identify themselves by wearing the Judenhat (“Jewish hat”), marking them as targets for anti-Semitism. The hats were usually yellow, and were either pointed or square.

The tradition of wearing hats to horse racing events began at the Royal Ascot in Britain, which maintains a strict dress code. All guests in the Royal Enclosure must wear hats. This tradition was adopted at other horse racing events, such as the Kentucky Derby in the United States.
Extravagant hats were popular in the 1980s, and in the early 21st century, flamboyant hats made a comeback, with a new wave of competitive young milliners designing creations that include turban caps, trompe-l'oeil-effect felt hats and tall headpieces made of human hair. Some new hat collections have been described as "wearable sculpture." Many pop stars, among them Lady Gaga, have commissioned hats as publicity stunts.
Famous Hat Maker 
One of the most famous London hatters is James Lock & Co of St James's Street. Another was Sharp & Davis of 6 Fish Street Hill. In the late 20th century museums credited London-based David Shilling with reinventing hats worldwide. Notable Belgian hat designers are Elvis Pompilio and Fabienne
Delvigne (Royal warrant of appointment holder), whose hats are worn by European royals. Philip Treacy OBE is an award-winning Irish milliner whose hats have been commissioned by top designers and worn at royal weddings. In North America, the well-known cowboy-hat manufacturer Stetson made the headgear for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Texas Rangers.
Hat Styles 
Akubara Hat 
Australia's quality hats since the early 1900's. Akubra's worldwide reputation is built on the long lasting quality of their fur felt, the comfort of their reeded leather sweat bands and their classic Australian styles.
Boater Hat 
A flat-brimmed and flat-topped straw hat formerly worn by seamen. Schools, especially public schools in the UK, might include a boater as part of their (summer) uniform. Now mostly worn at summer regattas or formal garden parties, often with a ribbon in club, college or school colors.
Boss Of ThePlains
A lightweight all-weather hat, with a high rounded crown and wide flat brim, designed by John B. Stetson for the demands of the American frontier.
Derby Hat 
A hard felt hat with a rounded crown created in 1850 by Lock's of St James's, the hatters to Thomas Coke, 2nd Earl of Leicester, for his servants. More commonly known as a Derby in the United States.
Fedora Hat 
A soft felt hat with a medium brim and lengthwise crease in the crown.
Homburg Hat 
A semi - formal hat with a medium brim and crown with a crease and no dents. Popularized by  Edward VII after he visited Bad Homburg in Hesse, Germany, and brought back a hat of this style. Al Pacino gained some renewed fame for the homburg by wearing one in the film The Godfather, for which reason the hat is sometimes called a "Godfather".
Panama Hat 
A Panama hat (toquilla straw hat) is a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian origin. Traditionally, hats were made from the plaited leaves of the Carludovica palmata plant, known locally as the toquilla palm or jipijapa palm,although it is a palm-like plant rather than a true palm.
Panama hats are light-colored, lightweight, and breathable, and often worn as accessories to summer-weight suits, such as those made of linen or silk. Beginning around the turn of the 20th century, panamas began to be associated with the seaside and tropical locales.
Planter's Hat 
A lightweight straw hat, with a wide brim, a round crown and narrow round dent on the outside of the top of the crown. Worn by Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, and Paul Bettany in Master and Commander. and now it was modified by using diffrent material such as wool.
Trillby Hat 
A trilby hat (commonly called a trilby) is a narrow-brimmed type of hat. The trilby was once viewed as the rich man's favored hat; it is sometimes called the "brown trilby" in England and is much seen at the horse races. It is also sometimes described as a "crumpled" fedora. The London hat company Lock and Co. describes the trilby as having a "shorter brim which is angled down [snapped down] at the front and slightly turned up at the back" versus the fedora's "wider brim which is more level [flatter]." The trilby also has a slightly shorter crown than a typical fedora design.
The hat's name derives from the stage adaptation of George du Maurier's 1894 novel Trilby; a hat of this style was worn in the first London production of the play, and promptly came to be called "a Trilby hat". it was formerly made from rabbit hair felt, but is usually made from other materials, such as tweed, straw, wool and wool/nylon blends. The hat reached its zenith of common popularity in the 1960s; the lower head clearance in American automobiles made it impractical to wear a hat with a tall crown while driving. It faded from popularity in the 1970s when any type of men's headwear went out of fashion, and men's fashion instead began focusing on highly maintained hairstyles.
Top Hat 
Also known as a beaver hat, a magician's hat, or, in the case of the tallest examples, a stovepipe hat. A tall, flat-crowned, cylindrical hat worn by men in the 19th and early 20th centuries, now worn only with morning dress or evening dress. Cartoon characters Uncle Sam and Mr. Monopoly are often depicted wearing such hats. Once made from felted beaver fur.
And so, that was a short and simple story and style about hats. 
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Selvage your self with 6 style conscious turn ups !

| March 17th, 2014

Selvage denim is unique for its individuality as the way the denim will conform to the wearer. That not being quite enough for everyone, men have recently taken to rolling their cuffs in different ways to create an extra sense of individuality.

One of the brand's most popular products is its raw-denim selvage jeans. Their jeans are popular among beginning denim enthusiasts, as they are Japanese selvage denim but are also, unlike the products of many companies who use denim of this quality, slim cut and fashionable. The denim also fades quickly when used, allowing denim enthusiasts to achieve a lot of wear and fading quite quickly if they wish.

Sadly for those looking to get into this, there aren’t a ton of relevant resources available that cater to men in this respect. As a result, we have created a basic guide to cuffing your denim.

1. Single Cuff Roll 

Starting with basics, the simplest way of cuffing your jeans is the single roll. While there are a number of ways you can make it your own, the single roll just entails rolling up the cuffs of your jeans once.

If you just work in front of a mirror or looking down, roll up a bit and see how it looks with your particular jeans or shoes. Sometimes a longer roll works well, sometimes a short little cuff just to show the selvedge off is all that’s needed.

2. Double Cuff Roll 

Past the single cuff, the next logical option would be the double cuff. This time, you start with a smaller cuff and then re-roll again. You can either keep both legs consistent or you can have them a little bit mismatched each such that it’ll look a little bit messy.

The only caveat is that this typically won’t work as well with a heavier denim since the cuff will be incredibly thick unless this is a kind of look you’d like to acheive.

3. Wide Single Roll

Another one-flip upturn for beginners. This one is an easy way to show you’ve got selvedge or an interesting-colored caste without making such a scene.Short guys should steer away from a thick cuff because it'll make them look even shorter.Roll the hem up high with more widths so the inside seam shows a lot.This works best with narrow jeans and looks more tailored.

4. Triple Cuff Roll

This one is another clean look cuff. You can do it before you put your denim on as well to make it easier. Roll the hem up so the inside seam shows. This time, do it three time. Just keep in mind that the thicker the cuff, the more it will chop some inches off your perceived height.

5. Tight Roll

With this cuff you will get a skinny, tapered look even if your jeans aren't. Fold the hem of your jeans sideways so that it's tight around your ankle, then roll upwards twice, so you get a snug wrap. With slightly more relaxed fitting jeans, you get a nice carrot shape leg. With skinny jeans, you get a more cropped, pegged look. This style cuff is good for keeping the hem of your pants up high if you want to show off some fresh socks or your choice of shoes. 

6. Faux Cuff

Sometimes we want to show our hem-line to others, or for the hardcore denim heads who still want to show ropping effect on her jeans without having to cut his pants. This method is widely used when our pants are too long to just be single cuff, but we still want the hem-line visible from the outside. Actually this method is a modification of the method of double-cuffing lazy, it's just that when we do the second fold, we put the end of the crease just below the hem-line.

Cuffing in general will give effect to our legs look shorter. Cuffing it should be done with care so that your legs do not look shorter. Excessive cuffing like triple or quadruple cuff cuff can also give effect to the overall look of your existing ugly. Cuffing that too much will give the effect of a very thick at the bottom of the pants, you like to bring anklet looks great compared to a cuff alone.

Adjust the cuff method and a large cuff on your posture, as well as adjust the effect you want to apply. Several methods cuffing would also look odd when paired with a whole outfit, so be smart cuffing was to experiment with and try to combine the methods of cuffing with your own style!

Norse Project S/S 2014

| March 5th, 2014

Launched in 2004 Norse Projects aims to combine the staple elements of streetwear and work wear by refining them into a Scandinavian inspired high quality product.

Norse Project always have something unique up in their sleeves in each upcoming season. This year 2014 the brand’s spring/summer ’14 collection provides more high quality output.

This new collection gives even more of an emphasis on clean, simple and bold garments as well as demonstration of the brand’s well executed stripped back design aesthetic; making use of a neutral color palette and strong accent colors that stay within the subtle approach.

The looks here executed with the brand’s signature Nordic style, with an American collegiate twist.

The Collection is now available at Otoko Store Jakarta.

S.Woonderland - The Black & Brown Beauty Capsule Collection launching

| February 19th, 2014

otoko and S.Woonderland footwear brand presents the launching of the Capsule Collection of The Black & Brown Beauty. This Friday 21 February 2-14 at 7PM at otoko. This event is by invitation only, get yours by RSVP to or call 021-51401014. Special gifts and entertainment awaits! See you there!

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