Otoko End Of Season SALE

| July 17th, 2014

The Most awaited and anticipated SALE is finaly here !! 

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A.P.C Denim Guide

| July 8th, 2014

Denim represents the true meaning of the color Blue. We would like to give you a guide for the upcoming rise of A.P.C denim. This brand has various types and each one have their own specifications. Here are the specifications. 

A.P.C's New Standard 

A.P.C's Petit Standard Stretch

A.P.C's Petit Standard Noir

A.P.C's Petit Standard Khaki

A.P.C's New Cure

A.P.C's Petit Standard Navy

A Men's Best Friend and a Rebel's Ordeal

| June 30th, 2014

Collar, a prep’s best friend, rebels worst nightmare and a men’s obligation. Collar could be a part of a shirt, coat, polo, blouse, dress that are placed around the neck. A collar is usually made from a separate piece of fabric. The word Collar made it’s way to The Oxford English Dictionary that is “The part around the neck of a shirt, blouse, jacket or coat, either upright or turned over.” Since collar is also one of the core to a style, it also has many types. Collars are first categorized into three that are standing or stand-up (fits up around the neck and doesn’t lie on the shoulders), Turnover (standing around the neck, could be folded or rolled over) and Flat or falling (lying on the shoulders). Collars could also be stiffened to make look more neat and well prepped, it is traditionally done with starch.

Collars also has many styles, the styles has it’s own uniqueness and could change how you would look. Button-down collar one of the styles and possibly the most favorite one, as it would make you look neat without tie or suits, because it keeps your collar on a steady position. The collar provides buttonholes to fasten them to the shirt. Detachable Collar is not with the shirt, but it is provided separately, mostly used in the old times and also could be called a false collar. It is one of the historical styles such as Imperial or Gladstone. Mandarin is a type of collar that has no spread. Mostly used on army uniforms which now has pretty much influence the way people wear now. It’s called Mandarin because it is based on traditional Manchu or Mongoi-influenced Asian garments. Middy collar is also known as the sailor collar. It is used only for a sailor uniform or necessary in a cosplay convention portraying an anime sailor. Although it is also popular in the early 20th century only for women and children. Spread Collar is a collar that has a quite wide spread to the shirt, it is also known as a cut away collar. It is used mostly in the 70’s through 90’s era where people called the term of this collar as a “groove collar” and they would refuse to be preppy because of their groovy-regalia vibe. Wing Collar a type of collar that is long lasting as it is still worn until now, it is only required if the person is wearing a bowtie. A small standing collar with points that sticks in a horizontal way that resembles wings. Used by barristers in UK, Canada and India. Those are some of the collars out of many more types that has it’s own uniqueness. Basically Collars are also a man’s best friend. 

This are the examples of the basic styles of collars, so you would have more varieties to styling yourself with a simple shirt. 

Style we love: Pitti Uomo

| June 19th, 2014

Pitti Uomo, where all people would show off on how they dress and gather  n Florence, Italy. In Pitti Uomo fashion icons would be spotted just walking on the streets socializing with other people. Pitti Uomo is one of the most important event to attend. It is where the launching of new projects in men's fashion world.

Here are the style that we love from Pitti Uomo 86

A Shoe Resurrected.

| June 11th, 2014

Goodyear Welt, a way of making one's shoe more long lasting. 

Goodyear Welt could make the shoe endurable to everything it's facing and it could give the shoe a lifespan of years, even decades. Shoes with Goodyear Welt could be resoled repeatedly. This is a traditional method to construct a men's shoe. The special thing about a Goodyear Welt shoe, is that it gives up a space for ventilation. Welt, what is welt? Welt is the strip of leather which is sewn in the bottom edge of the shoe (by rounding it). Then the stitching will attach the welt to both, which is insole and upper part of the shoe. The welt is folded out because it is used to form as an attachment for the outer sole. Then the outer sole is sewn to the welt.

Essentially, the stitching goes around the outside of the sole, so it could maximize the sole's water resistance. In this construction there would be a thin cavity or space between the insole and the outer sole. The empty space would later be filled with a cork, which is a material that is lightweight, isolate, moulds to a shape of a foot and gives the space to breath.

The Goodyear Welted constusction is time consuming and requires a highly skilled craftsmanship.